Pamplemousse! Steam! Humble! GDC! IGF!

Whew, there sure has been a lot going on these past couple of months! Time for some exciting announcements!

Steam & Humble release

If you’re one of those people who’s been waiting and hoping for Dominique Pamplemousse to be available on Steam, you’re in luck. The game’s going to be available to buy in the Steam store tomorrow, March 11! But that’s not all! You’ll also be able to buy a DRM-free copy of Dominique Pamplemousse on the Humble store on the same day! [1]


I’m giving my first-ever GDC talk! I’m going to be on the #1ReasonToBe panel, which is happening Thursday, March 20, 4-5 PM, in Moscone North, room 135. I hope you can make it!

I’ll also be flitting around the Dominique Pamplemousse IGF booth in the Expo hall, which I encourage you all to check out. And the awards ceremony. Oh my goodness, the awards ceremony. That’s going to be epic. To properly commemorate the occasion, I’ll be wearing a gold sequined bowtie, and word on the street has it that there will be glowsticks

GDC-adjacent events

Aside from GDC proper, I will be making an appearance at Lost Levels, wherein I will be running a BRASSTASTIC DANCE PARTY session at an as-of-yet-unknown time. I’ll also be attending Critical Proximity, which is shaping up to be full of awesome smart people.

Here’s hoping I’ll still be alive after all that!

  1. Already own a copy of the game on Win/Mac? You should’ve received an email offering you a Steam/Humble key. Didn’t receive such an email? Let me know.
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  1. lals says:

    Hi Deirdra,

    I love Dominique Pamplemousse! I bought your game sometime last year…I think…and I haven’t received a Steam code for it yet, but would love to be able to play on Steam. Congratulations on being a speaker at GDC this year!

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