You keep using that word…

So there’s, like, this new “Dan Destroyem” [1] game coming out or something? And it’s supposed to be this over-the-top HURR HURR BOOBIES explosionfest like the last game, and that’s supposed to give angry feminists like me something else to complain about on the Tweeters? And apparently, this guy working on the game — I think his name is Pitchfork or something? — apparently “welcomes” feminist outcry over the game? And he thinks anti-oppression awareness is good for the world and all, and that we should totally use their game to “further our agendas” and such, but meanwhile, that Pitch-whatever dude says he’s such a nice guy and he just wants to entertain people, right? Besides, the whole franchise is all just a satire, anyway. See, it even makes fun of men too by turning them into pigs! Because all you feminists think men are pigs, right? HURR HURR.

Yeah… no. I don’t buy it. For one thing, I don’t think anyone who claims this game is a satire even knows what satire means. When you’re writing a satire, you’re supposed to cut down your target, which is the complete opposite of what the game’s marketing [2] seems to be accomplishing so far. That is to say, if the kinds of people you’re targeting in your “satire” are able to enjoy your work without questioning their behaviour, you’ve pretty much failed. At best, all you’ve got is an affectionate parody targeted towards the same immature adolescent boys that most games of the same genre are made for. Bo-ring. [3] So, yeah, doesn’t look like anyone working on this game really cares much about anti-oppression issues at all, but they can be like, it’s great if other people do because free publicity! Meanwhile, everyone knows all the money comes from hardcore misogynerd dudebro gamer culture, and we can’t alienate them or we’ll all be out of jobs! Or something.

Anyway, I’m getting tired of this. Haven’t I written about this very subject before? Didn’t people learn their lesson when that asinine booth babe contest was revealed to be a highly-orchestrated publicity stunt meant to offend feminists, and whatever happened to that Dante’s Inferno trainwreck, anyway? People just kinda forgot about it, and they’re probably going to forget about this, too — honestly, we were all better off when all we knew about the new Dan Destroyem game was that it was vapourware. Meanwhile, I’m just going to sit here and make games where women are more than T&A and men are more than pigs, which the vast majority of games apparently still aren’t even capable of doing. *sigh*

  1. Name shamelessly stolen from Leopold McGinnis‘s Game Quest.
  2. A promo event in a strip club, for instance. Yes, a strip club. I wish I were making that up.
  3. Okay, I admit it’s possible that the game WILL be revealed to be a proper satire after all, and that the horrid marketing is just a ruse to draw in the people who’ll most stand to benefit from being shown the error of their ways… but I highly, highly doubt it.
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One Response to You keep using that word…

  1. Lee Edward McIlmoyle says:

    You already know how exhausted I am with this Army of Dorkness scenario we seem to be living through lately. I honestly thought the internet was pretty much ridding itself of this incredible stupidity just by jerkwad-shaming these arseholes into extinction. Sadly, it seems to be breeding a newer, much savvier jerkwad who seems determined to prove that all this well-meaning social change has been oppressing the rights of every man-child to express his incredible stupidity without fear of reprisals… or at least, without fear of consequences that actually, you know, mean anything to them. *sigh*

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