Yep, I’m still here.

My quiet spell on this blog still isn’t quite over yet, by the looks of things. Oh, sure, I’m alive and kicking. The Twitter feed gets updated on a near-daily basis, and I try to keep up with all those things on the internet that matter. I just don’t really have much to say these days that can fill a blog post. That said, I have been feeling that gnawing obligation to keep this place active, so here’s a brief update of sorts.

Right now, I’m at the phase in LFB where the honeymoon period of telling everyone about my awesome new game idea has passed to give way to the sometimes-daunting task of, well, implementing the whole thing. I’d been hoping to do more progress update-y things during this phase, but they’re hard to write (or record) when you’re constantly feeling self-conscious and sometimes a little embarrassed about what you’re putting to paper. [1] I often worry that I come across as too whiny, or not funny enough, or just plain out of touch with how real people think and speak to one another. It’s somewhat of a consolation to know that Charlotte herself is a rather unusual character, but it remains yet to be seen whether anyone other than me really cares about her story.

None of this is stopping me from continuing to produce, fortunately. For the most part, I’m proud of what I’m doing, and when I’m not, I’m confident that I have enough time and resources to fix it. It’s just that I’ve been feeling more and more that I want to wait until I’m closer to the end to show stuff off to the world at large. At the same time, I miss having a connection to my intended audience and don’t want to lose sight of who I’m making this game for in the first place, because working on this thing can be pretty darn lonely sometimes. Hence, I find myself at a bit of a weird place where I both want to talk about the project and don’t.

So, here’s where I am. Yes, I’m still working steadily on the game. Yes, I do still plan to finish by November. No, I still can’t believe it’s already May. Yes, I’m well aware that there are other interesting things I could be writing about, but as of late, I’m having trouble focussing on much of anything for more than 140 characters. And with that, it’s time to end this blog post and get back to writing things that you can’t read just yet, but your future selves will.

  1. Well, code and pixels, in this case, but yeah.
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3 Responses to Yep, I’m still here.

  1. Ariane C says:

    Looking forward to whatever you’ve got under the hood that occupies your over-140 character space! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Vince Twelve says:

    My wife has been wearing my manic pixie dream guy shirt to bed recently! Looking forward to hearing more.

    I definitely know what it’s like to find yourself too wrapped up in actually working on the game to be blogging about it!

  3. MusEditions says:

    Shall wait. I’m good at that, and you are worth it.