Who Am I?

This is a picture of Deirdra.

Deirdra Kiai is an independent video game developer in her mid-twenties. She enjoys interactive storytelling, programming, challenging social norms, and coffee. She doesn’t like prejudice, oppression, dishonesty, sensationalised violence, alcohol, or making telephone calls. She is indifferent towards how you dress, how your body is shaped, and how much money you make.

Deirdra currently resides in Vancouver, BC, Canada with an iMac and a pair of sinister-looking cactus plants. Sometimes, she can be seen around town playing a sousaphone with a large fake moustache glued to the mouthpiece.

This is a picture of Deirdra playing the sousaphone.

None of the opinions voiced on this website are necessarily those of whichever company Deirdra happens to be working for at the particular point in time they are uttered. Just so we’re clear and all.

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