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So far, the support I’ve gotten for putting Life Flashes By up on Kickstarter has been impressive and overwhelming. At this point in time, I have $595 pledged from 26 backers, and I simply can’t express how much it means to me that there are actually people out there who would pay money to see me make a new game. Thank you all so much!

Those of you who have backed the project and/or follow me on Twitter have likely already seen this, but in case you haven’t, I’ve started posting Exclusive Video Updates™ on the Kickstarter project page, as a means to let people know how the game’s progressing and what’s going on behind the scenes. I’ve never done project updates in anything other than text form before, so this is rather new territory for me, but I thought it might be fun to experiment with this more personal approach, particularly in this age where watching videos online has become ubiquitous. So, if you’re interested in hearing a little bit about the thought processes that went into the creation of Life Flashes By, getting a sneak peek at what the game looks like so far, or simply want to make fun of my Canadian accent, do check out the video! [1]

Finally, my friend Corvus just wrote a lovely blog post of his own about my project and his thoughts on indie game patronage in general, which I suspect accounts for the slight spike in backers I received early this morning. He’s got some great things to say about the subject and how we as consumers can make an impact in creating more of the games that we want to play, rather than what huge, monolithic corporations with ad campaigns tell us we want to play. Definitely a sentiment I can get behind, and not just because I’m trying to fund a game this way myself.

  1. A bit of a disclaimer: I did the entire video in one take, and though I made notes on what I wanted to talk about beforehand, there’s still a fair share of rambliness and pregnant pauses. Instead of editing, I left them as-is, because I wanted to give the video a more conversational feel. Oh, and I’m sure laziness is a factor too, but don’t tell anyone.
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4 Responses to Updates Flash By

  1. Rikard says:

    I didn’t mind the rambliness and pauses much, but I find the way you never look at the camera a bit unsettling.

  2. My apologies, it’s quite hard to do the latter when you’ve got the built-in-camera-on-top-of-the-monitor setup. You’re actually not the first person to remark on this.

    Then again, I sometimes have trouble looking people in the eye in real life, so in a sense, you’re getting a somewhat authentic experience. :)

  3. Rikard says:

    I know. The eyes get drawn to the window that displays the video. It’s easier if you turn the monitor off.

  4. Cyrus says:

    Till now, my personal favorites were TGTTPOACS and DREAMING. Let’s see if this game becomes a new one. Best wishes!