The Summer of Speaking Engagements

You know you’re a Real Game Industry Professional™ when you start getting asked to speak at conferences because you’ve successfully managed to convince a few people in charge that you actually know stuff. This, happily enough, has happened to me. First off, I will be speaking at the Casual Connect Leadership Development Forum in Seattle next week, where I will be on panels discussing the subjects of “Designing Games for Women”, and “Designing for Both Casual and Hardcore”.

Of course, I’m guessing that the majority of my readers will be more interested in my second speaking engagement, which will be the Penny Arcade Expo, taking place on Labour Day Weekend in Seattle (again). I’m slated to participate in a panel called Murder, Sex, & Drugs, organised by my friend Corvus Elrod, and I’ve also been asked to participate in the “Women in the Game Industry” panel. Finally, as if that isn’t enough, my boss is doing the keynote speech.

Anyway, if you plan to attend either of these conferences, I’ll be absolutely tickled to see you there. If not, I’ll let you know if I wind up saying anything interesting.

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9 Responses to The Summer of Speaking Engagements

  1. Vince Twelve says:

    Hey, congrats! I wish I could attend either of those!

  2. JoeTortuga says:

    I’ll be at the one at PAX! I’m really looking forward to it!

    I hope I see you there, even;)

  3. Cyrus says:

    Do you have any plans for new games? (Of course, except the ones you’re working on in Hothead)

    Sorry for being so annoying, but you haven’t answered my previous two comments.

  4. Point of advice: if you must prefix a post with “sorry for being so annoying”, maybe it’s better not to post it?

    I’m sorry I don’t always answer comments. The truth is, if I have definitive plans for new games, you’ll hear about them unprovoked. If I don’t say anything, it means I don’t have any plans. There, I hope we’re clear on that. :)

  5. Charlie R. Wolf says:

    Are you speaking at any conventions in Los Angeles in the foreseeable future?

    Seattle’s a long drive…

  6. Sadly, no. LA is a very long drive for me…

  7. Charlie R. Wolf says:

    Well, then, you’ll just have to speak again in Seattle when it’s more convenient for me to take a train up there! :-)


  8. Cyrus says:

    And what’s about your NaNoWriMo novel which was finished in December? Have you decided whether to give it for free or to publish it?

  9. I’ve decided to lock it up in a metaphorical trunk because I’m not at all happy with it in its current state and don’t have the time or inclination to edit it.