So, What’s Everyone Else Saying?

Here are some assorted quotes from people who have written about Life Flashes By:

“After I was done, I thought (a) that I had liked that quite a bit, and (b) that I wasn’t quite sure why.” Emily Short, GameSetWatch

“Those who have played Deirdra Kiai’s previous offerings like Chivalry is Not Dead will know that she prefers a unique, unconventional approach. This game is no exception…” Steve Brown, Adventure Gamers

“…it’s definitely a well-crafted, original and engaging conversational game, and you should definitely give it a try.” Ian Atrus

“I was amused by Trevin, and particularly how he interacted with Charlotte. In many ways, it seemed the two were constantly engaging in duels of wit and word.” Denis Farr, The Border House

“Not too many authors sit down to write a straight-up high-quality story, in the interactive mode. For that alone you should pay Life Flashes By your attention.” Andrew Plotkin

“…if you are open to a sort of radio drama dressed up in a cartoon, with mild interactive elements, it is not only an entertaining story, but something we might term ‘literature’ without smirking.” Greg Costikyan, Play This Thing

“Vancouver game developer Deirdra Kiai turned to crowdfunding in order to raise some money for the development of her latest independent project. On Kickstarter, the 25-year-old, Saskatoon-born Yaletown resident secured a total of more than $1,000 from over 50 funders.” Stephen Hui,

“Life Flashes By presents itself directly to the audience, with a straightforward style and dry delivery of lines. The whole package comes across a bit like a Brendon Small cartoon.” Erik Hanson, Gamers with Jobs

“…an uncharismatic recounting of banal frustrations…” Sam Ashwell, SPAG #60

“You should check out Life Flashes By, and not just because my voice is in it!” David Ganssle

“So-called ‘serious games’ have obvious educational messages that are potentially off-putting, and only hold the user’s attention for a short amount of time… Kiai’s game is a careful balance of potential choices, curated events, and dialog that make the player feel as if he or she is actually creating Charlotte.” Rebecca Mir, Living Principles

“…a strange, Capra-esque trip down memory lane… that is, if Frank Capra were alive today and making films for Janeane Garofalo.” Lee Edward McIlmoyle

“Life Flashes By does what more games ought to do well: it shows you what it’s like to be someone else – someone who’s probably not like you at all, and who doesn’t seem particularly interested in winning your approval.” Michael Abbott, Brainy Gamer

…”a peek, if you will, into the eyes of a middle aged sarcastic and prickly writer whose life is flashing right in front of her.” Valerie, FrostClick

“Charlotte is snarky and cynical, introverted and judgmental; she isn’t drawn with a typical ‘female’ body nor does she pull any punches when dealing. She makes mistakes, regrets, learns, grows, and moves on.” Eld, Orange the Brave

Anything I’ve missed? Let me know!