You follow the sound of the music all the way to the small makeshift stage set up at the end of the street. To your surprise, the band members look oddly familiar – you recognize them as Harry, Larry & Mary, stars of The Harry, Larry & Mary Half-Hour, your favourite television show from when you were barely old enough to walk and talk. Except now they’re two decades older and appear to have replaced their repertoire of cheesy-but-catchy children’s songs with mediocre covers of 80’s pop tunes.

You stare at them in curiosity and disbelief as they play the remainder of "Love Shack" (with Mary’s "TIIIIN ROOF! RUSTED!" scream sounding almost as atrocious as a thousand third-graders playing the recorder), and finish to the sound of sparse clapping.

  1. Yell out a request for "I Want to Ride an Elephant".
  2. Turn around and walk the other way.