"HEY! That’s my tire swing! GET OFF!"

Out of nowhere, a strong force knocks you out of your orbit, making you crash hard against the sand-covered ground. You hoist yourself into a seated position, dizzy and in pain, and make out the blurry outline of Morgan Kaczynski – the outwardly-charismatic tomboy who constantly made your life in elementary school a living hell – staring down at you with her hands on her hips.

You then notice that your eyeglasses seem to have gone missing; they must have fallen somewhere in the sand on impact. You start to fumble around for them.

"Looking for these?" inquires Morgan with a contemptuous sneer in her voice. You turn to see her waving your glasses inches in front of your face, then, as you try to grab them, she jerks her arm back and runs away as fast as she can, laughing maniacally in the process.

  1. Get up and run after Morgan.
  2. Sit down in the sand and cry.