P-P-P-PAX! (and p-p-p-podcast!)

This weekend, I’m going to be making my annual pilgrimage to the Penny Arcade Expo taking place in the magical land of Seattle. Of course, as I alluded in an earlier post, I’m attending for the first time ever as a speaker, talking about fun things like ladybusiness [1] and sax ‘n violins in games. If you happen to be making an appearance at the expo as well, you’ll be able to find me at the following times:

Saturday, 10:30am – 11:30am, Unicorn Theatre
Girls and Games: The Growing Role of Women in the Game Industry

Sunday, 1:00pm – 2:00pm, Serpent Theatre
Murder, Sex & Drugs

You’ll also be able to find me intermittently at the Hothead Games booth, where we’ll be previewing plenty of DeathSpank goodies in our continued attempts to convince you to buy the game when it comes out so I can still keep on having a day job.

Also, for those of you who aren’t able to attend PAX, or who are and just can’t get enough of the dulcet tones of my voice, I recorded a podcast over the weekend for the Gamers Confab, run by Michael Abbot of Brainy Gamer and also featuring Corvus Elrod and Matthew Gallant. In it, we talk about a couple of recent game industry controversies — mainly, those surrounding the Dante’s Inferno Sin to Win contest and Orson Scott Card’s involvement in Shadow Complex — as well as about the growing landscape of indie games and how we hope they’ll combat such silliness. Give it a listen!

  1. With apologies to the ever-so-hilarious Tiger Beatdown blog.
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3 Responses to P-P-P-PAX! (and p-p-p-podcast!)

  1. Eleniel says:

    The podcast was great! Interesting stuff.

    I am still super sad I can’t go to PAX. I hope you’ll write about the panels!

  2. Austin says:

    This is awesome news, Deirdra! Particularly, for me, the Brainy Gamer podcast appearance — I really enjoy Michael’s ideas (as well as yours).

    Have fun at PAX! Shame I can’t be there.

  3. MusEditions says:

    I liked the podcast, too! You were terrific; very apt social commentary. “It’s all in good fun” – Hah!
    “Booth Babes” – yeeech!
    And, go Corvus!
    Hope your panels have gone/are going/will go well.