OMG I’m being funded!

Yesterday evening, I was pleased to discover some very, very good news: the $1000 goal line for the Life Flashes By Kickstarter drive has been crossed! This means that no matter what people pledge from this point forward, this project is definitely going to be funded. And with 62 days left, at that!

To celebrate this occasion, I’ve decided to make a new reward available for backers: anyone who pledges over $50 gets a devastatingly witty T-shirt, along with the handwritten postcard and boxed copy of the game I’m already offering. Those who know me in real life will no doubt know how fond I am of devastating wit in the form of clothing, so I figured, why not offer up a clever shirt of my own with a Life Flashes By theme? Hence, if you’ve already pledged over $50, do feel free to edit your pledge and select this reward, and if you would, by any chance, like to bump your pledge up… well, I certainly won’t complain!

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6 Responses to OMG I’m being funded!

  1. MusEditions says:

    Too awesome, congrats. Seriously considering upping my pledge. Just in the mood for a devastatingly witty t-shirt. :)

  2. Erkki says:


    I wish I could back your project, unfortunately I don’t live in the US :( Do you have a paypal account? :)

  3. You’re allowed to back the project if you live internationally; US restrictions only apply to those who start projects of their own.

  4. Erkki says:

    But Amazon Payments asks me to enter an US street address. And I assume it will check my credit card against that?

  5. Erkki says:

    Ah, never mind, there was a FAQ for this at Kickstarter. I had to (re)create my payments account during the pledge process.