New t-shirts (and stickers, too)!

In case you were looking for more fun ways to support this here indie developer, or simply enjoy wearing vaguely amusing t-shirts, I have good news for you: I now have a store on RedBubble where you can purchase stylish apparel featuring characters from Life Flashes By. I myself ordered a pair of shirts as a test run, and I must say, I think they turned out rather awesomely.

Oh, and you can also purchase stickers of both of those designs, if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option. Nifty!

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4 Responses to New t-shirts (and stickers, too)!

  1. Lee says:

    Oh, honey, you look fantastic in those shirts, and they look fantastic on you. Great work!

  2. ComradeNarf says:

    Ha! Those are brilliant. Great choice in quotes too.

    I may have to buy 6 or 7…

  3. Lee says:

    P.S. Does this mean you recommend RedBubble? Should I consider using them?

  4. Thanks, guys. *blushes*

    Lee: So far, I’m quite happy with RedBubble. They’re a little expensive, sure, but so is everywhere else of similar quality and colour selection. Definitely like their printing better than Zazzle’s, so far — will have to see how it stands up to being washed, though.

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