Ah, the Midsummer Night’s Market – a veritable hub of food, cheap trinkets, and live music that makes an appearance on Fourth Street every Thursday evening from six to nine o’clock PM. This particular Thursday evening is no different from all those other ones that came before it, or so it seems, anyway. You stride down the street in that characteristic flat-footed gait of yours, hands stuck in the pockets of your hooded sweatshirt and eyes darting around, surveying the scene.

Even though you’ve been here about a million times before, you still manage to see a few things here and there that catch your eye. A curry vendor stands to your left, emitting a pungent aroma teasingly reminding you that you haven’t had a single bite to eat in over eight hours. A little ways up the street, you can make out the figure of somebody juggling on a unicycle.

The faint strains of "Love Shack" by the B-52’s can be heard in the background, no doubt being covered by whatever local band happens to be providing this week’s music. You notice that the lead female singer’s voice is a little on the flat side, and it bothers you slightly.

  1. Purchase some curry to eat.
  2. Watch the juggling unicyclist.
  3. Attempt to find out where that horrid singing is coming from.