Lend me your voices, part deux!

So, the voices of Charlotte and Trevin have now been cast, and since they were getting a little bit lonely, I figured it was time to start casting a few of the secondary characters in the game. These parts are a lot less involved than the former two, and as such, won’t be paid roles; however, you’ll be rewarded with indie street cred and a signed physical copy of the game once it’s finished.

The deadline for submissions for the characters listed below is Friday, July 30 August 6. Have at it, folks!


Aaron's headshot
Aaron Metcalfe

Charlotte’s ex-husband, a charming, extraverted, free-spirited rock musician in his early-to-mid thirties. I imagine him with a voice in the baritone range that’s smooth, calming, and pleasant to listen to, yet capable of delivering an edge when necessary.

Sample dialogue lines:

“Four years’ worth of music history classes leaves you with a lot of useless trivia, I’ll tell you that much.”

“There’s got to be somewhere decent nearby that’s open this late at night.”

“Charlotte, don’t be that way. We can work this out, can’t we?”


Graham's headshot

Graham Barclay

Charlotte’s father, an awkward mathematics professor in his late thirties/early forties. British accent, not terribly posh but not cockney either.

Sample dialogue lines:

“I’ll just go have a chat to Mr. Puddington and see to it that you get the extra worksheets and classes as well.”

“Fine. If that’s what you want, I won’t bring it up again.”


Sam's headshot

Sam Golabi

Charlotte’s best friend in high school. Sarcastic, deadpan goth type. I imagine her sounding like Daria, with a little bit of Janis from Mean Girls mixed in.

Sample dialogue lines:

“So, tell me, Ms. Barclay. How was your exciting adventure in English class today?”

“Whatever. Another two months and it’ll all be over.”


Annabel's headshot

Annabel Kurtzman

Charlotte’s former boss, an editor at a highly prestigious publishing company. In her sixties or thereabouts. I imagine her with the sort of old lady voice that’s high-pitched and sweet with a small tinge of viciousness.

Sample dialogue lines:

“Why on Earth are you thinking of leaving? I was under the impression that you were committed to this job.”

“Do whatever you like, just don’t come running back to me when you find yourself working at Cuthbert’s Coffee just to make ends meet.”


Young Charlotte's headshot

Charlotte at Age 9

Our much-loved protagonist, only much younger and much more British-sounding, seeing as her scene takes place before she moves across the pond.

Sample dialogue lines:

“He’s always at the top of the class. And he always says girls are rubbish at maths.”

“I just want to be normal, okay?”


Once again, please send all voice samples to “voices at deirdrakiai dot com” in any sound format of your choosing, in as high quality as possible, by Friday, July 30 August 6.

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  1. Leopold says:

    This looks like fun.