Lazy summer update…

Been a little quiet on this blog for the past month, mostly because I’ve been trying to spend my leisurely writing time focussed on the new Undum project. I’m having quite a bit of fun with that so far, and hopefully, I’ll meet my goal of finishing by the end of September.

In the meantime, con season is fast approaching. Next week, I’ll be attending the IGDA Summit in Seattle, and in October, I’ll be doing some speaking at GeekGirlCon. I’m definitely interested to see how both pan out!

Other than that… hmm, not a lot worth blogging about. I did get myself one of those newfangled Google Plus accounts, so feel free to join me there if you’re so inclined. I like it way better than Facebook, which really isn’t saying much, but there you go.

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4 Responses to Lazy summer update…

  1. Mory Buckman says:

    What drives me crazy about Facebook is that the default seems to be making everything private, which kills any kind of browsing. I was so offended by everyone’s hidden information that I quit Facebook after one hour of using it and never looked back. Is the Google+ culture any different?

  2. Lee Edward McIlmoyle says:

    Mory, Google+ is selective, but it allows you to more easily organize your friends list so that you’re only posting rare Norwegian mouse porn photos to fellow enthusiasts, which is terribly important when employers have started thinking they somehow have rights to your personal life, as we’re seeing far too often these days, with Facebook profiles getting people fired.

    There’s not a whole lot about G+ that Facebook doesn’t have, but the functionality is more transparent and the crowd isn’t packed with phony fan pages and advertising, as well as the ubiquitous Flash game reports. Plus, you know, new car smell.

    Anyway, G+ isn’t really running on all cylinders yet, but I’m open to the idea of a less noisy social network that allows you to post more than 140 characters. If it catches on, I’ll be happy to let FB become an occasional visit network. It’s been hard to keep track of the people I really want to hear from over there, thanks to FBs peculiar practice of limiting the number of ‘friends’ who appear on your wall regularly to those who post most often. makes keeping up with my cousins and oldest friends far less intuitive.

  3. The people I follow on G+ do seem to be a tad more public, probably stemming from the fact that I know many of them from Twitter. Could be an artefact of it being beta software, which attracts more techie sorts (read: people who’ve been on the internet since before there was any concept of privacy) than it would otherwise, but this could change once the “mainstream” gets on it. (I myself am doing a mix of public and limited posting right now.)

  4. Mory Buckman says:

    Okay, thanks. I guess I’ll wait a month or two and see where the pieces fall.

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