GDC 2011

I was at GDC last week, and it was amazing. Unlike in previous years I’d attended, I was there as a Conference Associate, which meant that I, along with about 400 others, got to wear an electric blue shirt and work to make the conference a happy one for all the attendees. And although I’d been to the conference before, this was the first time I really, truly felt like a part of it. Kind of like I’d been indoctrinated into this secret society exposing the inner workings of GDC and the mysterious secrets therein… or something.

Of course, aside from all the volunteering, I got to see a few interesting people give speeches, and had many fascinating conversations over food and/or tea with friends both new and old. My mind has since been brimming with shiny new ideas and a renewed vigour to Get Things Done, and while my future feels as uncertain as ever, something tells me it’ll be one to look forward to no matter what happens.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to finish off that collector’s edition of Life Flashes By and get the game out of beta, already.

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3 Responses to GDC 2011

  1. NordicNinja says:

    Hurray! I wish that feeling could be bottled, but they’d probably make it illegal. It’s so great how GDC is helpful for different people at different points in their careers. On one end it helps to boost the newcomers into productivity and on the other it keeps the worthy veterans in a state of perpetual secret sharing.

  2. edmundito says:

    I was cool to meet up with you again!

    I also feel pretty energized and keep coming up with ideas that I keep writing in my backlog of ideas that I might make some day. I feel that I still need to catch up with a lot of sleep, though! :)

  3. Seg says:

    Yea, get back to work slacker! ;)

    Always great meeting up with you Deirdra!

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