Gameplay video!

A friend of mine suggested I put up some gameplay videos of Life Flashes By. I’m slightly ashamed to say that when it came to thinking up ideas as to how to promote the game, putting up videos completely slipped my mind… maybe it’s because I generally have more of a face for radio, I don’t know. But once I thought about it, I figured, why the heck not? Putting videos up on the internet has gotten so much easier since the last time I finished a game this size, after all. Hence, I found some reasonably-priced screen capture software and started recording away.

I might do a proper trailer for the game sometime in the future, but since that, you know, requires editing and stuff, it’s a task I’ll be putting off for a little while. For now, you’ll have to content yourselves with unedited gameplay footage.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s a clip from the party scene, behind the cut!

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  1. rlpw says:

    That will teaach me to buy a phone that doesnlt support flash! Cannot wait to see it when I get home. And on another note, stop putting yourself down. It would be a terribly long drive just to berat you for this

  2. As always, I was aiming for amusing self-deprecation. Nevertheless, thank you. :)

  3. AlbertArt says:

    Excellent. Nice job on getting this online. I had really no idea what this game was about, until this video. Woah. it is really quite amusing, I could totally see these characters in a film, or comicbook a la Ghost World. Anyone can relate to going to house parties, and not feeling the atmosphere reminds me of stuff like Freaks and Geeks, on the same awkward comedic tone of characters on the outside looking in. I dig the point and click gameplay. Where’d you find your voice actors? How much script did you write?

    Also, I like the soundtrack for the game. All the same composer?

  4. Thanks, Albert! I’m flattered by the comparisons.

    To answer your questions: I found my voice actors by holding open auditions; some were people I found online, and others were people I already knew. I wrote all the dialogue, consisting of total of 16 scenes with ~2000 words of dialogue each. And the soundtrack is completely written and performed by me, though the party background noise is just stock sfx I found online.

  5. rlpw says:

    Looks great. Remind me not to try to comment on anything with my touch type keyboard. My spelling is bad enough without it!

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