As Harry, Larry & Mary take a pause before the next song, a sudden wave of insanity sweeps over you and you yell "I WANT TO RIDE AN ELEPHANT!"

The trio now stares at you in curiosity and disbelief, then at one another. After an awkward moment passes, they pick up their instruments and start playing the jaunty little signature tune you know so well from your childhood.

I want to ride an elephant around the Serengeti,
While sitting on a chair and eating meatballs and spaghetti,
And chasing happy rainbow dreams and dancing like a star,
Or maybe rolling bowling balls to places near or far…

Suddenly, the ground begins to shift underneath your feet, the music begins to echo hauntingly, and everything around you starts to blur like a Photoshop-filtered image. Then, for some unknown reason, you find yourself spinning around and around and around.