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After playing the many free games available on this website, you may be thinking: “Deirdra, your work fills me with so much joy and happiness that I suddenly feel compelled to throw huge wads of money your way! How shall I go about doing so?” To which, I gleefully respond: “I’m glad you asked! Conveniently enough, the answer is right here on this very page!”

Life Flashes By: The Collector’s Edition
Yes, it’s here! The long-awaited super special bonus disc edition of Life Flashes By!

– The game itself on a DVD you can, y’know, actually hold in your hands and such
– Stylish cover art signed by yours truly, the author
– “Life Flashes By: The Guided Tour”, an interactive director’s commentary
– An excerpt from the original manuscript of Charlotte’s first novel, Joined at the Hip
– Music from the game’s soundtrack, for your listening pleasure

T-shirts & Stickers
Now, you too can become devastatingly stylish and hip by purchasing apparel featuring characters from Life Flashes By! Head over to RedBubble to peruse your options…

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