You get up off the ground, slightly dizzy, then walk down the hall and peer through the door into what appears to be some sort of conference room.

"And what, exactly, is wrong with breaking the fourth wall?" inquires a tall, deep-voiced man wearing thick glasses. "I think it can be rather comical, if used effectively."

"Nonsense!" exclaims the shorter, slightly older man in a bright orange Hawaiian shirt sitting next to him. "It destroys the player’s suspension of disbelief, sucking them right out of the story and reminding them, once again, that they are playing a silly, pointless computer game! And if we ever want our games to be taken seriously as other art forms – books, movies, you name it – we’ve got to immerse the audience into the world and its characters."

"But… but this is Mo & Bo’s Interactive Show we’re talking about, not an epic masterpiece!" protests Tall Guy With Glasses. "With all the jokes and satire and big words and everything… it’s not meant to take itself seriously at all! Surely a little quip about Mo & Bo suspecting that they’re being controlled by a sadistic puppet master wouldn’t be too out of place?"

"I told you, Bradley, absolutely no breaking of the fourth wall under any circumstances!" retorts Hawaiian Shirt Guy. "And I don’t ever want to hear another word about it!" And with that, he storms right out of the conference room in a huff, somehow without noticing your presence at all.

  1. Go inside the conference room and talk to Bradley.
  2. Follow Hawaiian Shirt Guy.