Bird’s Eye View, Part Deux

Following last month’s post, here is the (tentatively) complete structure of my current work in progress, which has grown a bit longer and a bit more convoluted. [1]

Meanwhile, here’s a sneak peek at a completely different upcoming project, to further pique your interest.

  1. As with before, the text is deliberately shrunk down to an illegible size.
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6 Responses to Bird’s Eye View, Part Deux

  1. Igor Hardy says:

    Cute figurines! Is there any claymation involved? I love claymation!

  2. That looks like one of my mind maps. I have infected you. ;)

  3. Igor: yes! More on that soon.

    Lee: *grins*

  4. jeremy says:

    fwiw this map immediately reminded me of ghost trick. the clever thing is the creator took the idea of NSEW travel and superimposed it aerially over interaction so that you are always traveling from object to object (possessing them) to interact, and you literally draw lines between the interactions like on this map. never played an adventure game like it.

  5. Quickh says:

    Anyhow reminiscent of the Neverhood?

  6. Lee Edward McIlmoyle says:

    Can’t wait to hear the numbers.

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