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You keep using that word…

So there’s, like, this new “Dan Destroyem” [1] game coming out or something? And it’s supposed to be this over-the-top HURR HURR BOOBIES explosionfest like the last game, and that’s supposed to give angry feminists like me something else to … Continue reading

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Couple of updates…

First off, the Border House has just published a thought-provoking interview that my friend Denis did with me on the subject of Life Flashes By. It touches on feminist and anti-oppression subjects — it IS the Border House, and all … Continue reading

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That thing with Penny Arcade (plus, better places than PAX in which to spend your time and money)

There’s been a bit of a poopstorm over the internet lately involving Penny Arcade and a comic and t-shirt they made that’s triggering to rape survivors. I won’t go into details — there’s a good summary as to what’s been … Continue reading

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Gameplay video!

A friend of mine suggested I put up some gameplay videos of Life Flashes By. I’m slightly ashamed to say that when it came to thinking up ideas as to how to promote the game, putting up videos completely slipped … Continue reading

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Quickie LFB Update

I’ve just updated the Life Flashes By executables to use the latest (i.e. out of beta) version of the SLUDGE engine. If you’ve previously had problems running the game on your machine, they will most likely now be fixed. If … Continue reading

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Be my fan! (because everyone wants to be liked)

At the urging of more than one friend, I finally went and made a Facebook page for Life Flashes By. I waffled on doing so for quite a while, since Facebook isn’t exactly what I’d call a company with ethics … Continue reading

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All the news that’s fit to something something…

Since an update’s in order, and now’s as good a time as any, here goes: First off, I’ve started writing the “commentary track” for Life Flashes By, as a special gift to those who get the upcoming collector’s edition of … Continue reading

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